Hepatitis C Initiative

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The purpose of Black Health’s Viral Hepatitis C (HCV) Agenda is to raise the awareness about the significance, impact and biomedical interventions of viral Hepatitis C; educate and empower leaders within the African American community with tools to mobilize their communities and engage elected officials to advance routinized HCV testing bills.

Hepatitis C (HCV) is more prevalent among African Americans than among persons of any other racial group in the United States.

Multiple studies have found that 50–75% of people with an HCV infection are unaware of their status. In the general population, 55% to 85% of individuals exposed to HCV become chronically infected.

However, comparatively little data are available on the natural history and treatment of hepatitis C in this population.

Compared with white persons, African American persons have a lower rate of viral clearance and, consequently, a higher rate of chronic hepatitis C.

This rate is much higher in African Americans (87 to 95%) than in Caucasians (66-67%).

In addition, various studies have found that African Americans as a group have less access to information on HCV and preventative medical care.

Agenda Initiatives
  • Viral Hepatitis- C Summits
  • Public Policy Town Hall Meetings on routine Hep-C legislation
  • HCV Health Literacy Campaign
  • National African American Hepatitis-C Awareness and Action Day, July 25th