Community Mobilization

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The purpose/goal of the program is to support New York State’s effort to end the AIDS Epidemic by:

  • Providing increased HIV/STD/HEP C Counseling
  • Testing and Linkage to Care;
  • Maximizing participation in health insurance programs; and
  • Educating and creating awareness for reducing new HIV and STD infections among MSMs and high risk negatives.

Moreover, the program addresses the HIV/STD/HCV epidemic in communities of African descent to improve overall health outcomes among MSMs, heterosexual women, baby-boomers and persons living in high risk communities.

HIV/STD/HCV are health disparities driven by a range of factors that disproportionately affect communities of color. Higher prevalence in communities of African descent allows for a greater risk of infection with every sexual encounter.

Other factors include stigma and homophobia, which may prevent individuals from getting tested; accessing prevention services; seeking HIV/STD/HCV treatment and care services; economic barriers and lack of insurance; limited access to health care including HIV/STD/HCV testing and treatment; higher rates of incarceration among black men, which may lead to concurrent relationships and fuel the spread of HIV and higher levels of STDs, which can facilitate transmission in communities of African descent.

Geographical areas served includes New York State region of Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Nassau County in which NBLCA has established Affiliates and partnering organizations.