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Black Health's response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges across the globe with New York City as the epicenter in this country. For the period of July to November 2020, the National Black Leadership Commission on Health (Black Health), along with other organizations, was funded by NYC Health + Hospitals Corporation, to establish a citywide Test and Trace program to combat threats of the pandemic in Black communities with zip codes reporting the highest rates.

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COVID-19 Presentation

COVID-19 is a NEW virus. This means that our bodies have ZERO antibodies that recognize this virus. We don’t know how to cure it, but we DO know how to prevent it. The information provided in the following Powerpoint presentation is intended for your general knowledge and is not a substitute for professional medical advice from a health care provider. Information is gathered and shared from reputable sources and may change throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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NYC Census 2020 Campaign Final Report: The next 10 Years – A Model for NYC’s Future

What a wild ride Census 2020 was (and continues to be). Starting with the citizenship question the pandemic, racial justice protests, policy memos aimed at excluding undocumented immigrants, lawsuits, and concluding with a shifting final Census date, it was a Census count that has, and we hope will have, no compare.
The National Black Leadership
NYC Census Grantee
Neighborhood Organizing Census Committee (NOCC)

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Journalist Guidelines

COVID-19 Media Guide Our goal with this guide is to provide journalists and communication professionals the tools needed to ensure accurate reporting and curb any related stigma associated with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 largely known and reported as COVID-19.

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The State of Black Women [Maternal Mortality]

The Afiya Center has continually worked to share healthcare information with the larger Black community; especially women who may be at risk for experiencing Maternal Health concerns. This State of Black Women in Texas: Maternal Mortality will be intersectional and will highlight the continued health disparities associated with Maternal Morbidity and Maternal Mortality in the state of Texas. The Afiya Center submits this Report on Maternal Mortality in Texas as a compilation of the results we have collected including personal stories from some of the families we have met over the last few years.

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HIV & Women

In 2018, Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) released its comprehensive policy agenda, Black Women Vote: National Health Policy Agenda, to build upon Black women’s political influence, ballot power, and commitment to civic participation. In this document, BWHI discusses critical issues that impact Black women’s health. Among those issues is Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

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