Obesity Webinar 4: “People Aren’t Obese, People Have Obesity”- in case you missed it 

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"People Aren't Obese, People Have Obesity": Weight Bias

Hosted by Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, MD

Think about the last time you heard someone say something about someone’s weight. Was it negative? Or the last time you saw a movie where someone was making fun of someone because of their weight. Weight bias is negative comments or stereotypes about someone due to their weight. Experts say that weight bias is the last acceptable form of discrimination. For the Black and LGBTQ-IA community, weight bias is especially harmful. Racial and sexuality biases overlap with weight bias in the Black and LGBTQ-IA community, which makes health disparities and inequality worse.

The solutions to addressing bias are complicated. However, we can simplify the answers into two categories: policies and people. Policies such as the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act will help make medications that treat obesity easier to obtain. For people, addressing weight bias starts with changes in systems to bring awareness that discrimination exists. The Weight Implicit Association Test, is one tool that can help. The Obesity Action Coalition Weight Bias Quiz is another helpful tool for assisting people in realizing they have weight bias.

For people who face discrimination, it can feel shameful and like you have no power. So people who experience bias also need tools to stand up for themselves.

In the Black Health Addressing Weight Bias Webinar, we’ll go beyond discussing the problems weight bias cause. Instead, we’ll discuss practical solutions to empower you when you face weight bias. 

Black obesity experts discuss in Black Health’s 4-part webinar series to help you overcome obesity in a way that works for you.

Watch part 4 below:

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