Census 2020 Faith Outreach

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Dear Faith Leader,

Please join the National Black Leadership Commission on Health, Inc. for Census 2020 Faith Outreach during your day of worship during the month of June. Now more than ever we need to communicate the importance of completing the Census. We’ve included the details below that you can share with your members along with a flyer to help promote.


The 2020 Census is still being COUNTED and your community needs you now more than ever. Many social services provided during COVID19 are funded by the Census.

Be sure to count everyone in your residence including children and relatives who are living or staying with you.

This includes everyone regardless of immigration status.

Stand Up and Commit!

Let’s get started.

Click this link to complete the Census now. Census2020.gov

  • Then Click this button (START QUESTIONNAIRE)
  • Then enter your Census ID below (came in the mail), if you don’t have the ID click the link below that will allow you to move forward without the ID.
  • You’re in now. All other information is quick and easy.
  • Don’t forget to count EVERY PERSON living or staying in your residence. INCLUDE ALL THE CHILDREN.
  •  Once you complete it, click this link to let us know. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/blkhealth2020
  • We’re keeping count to see how many people we reach.

 If you don’t want a Census worker coming to your door, fill out your Census online TODAY!

Please forward this to your networks, your community partners, friends, family…everyone!

For more information contact info@nblch.org. #BlackHealthCounts

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