#NAAHCAD Twitter Chat, July 23rd

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Join the conversation on Thursday, July 23 at 1 p.m. EST?  Type #NAAHCAD in the search box of the Twitter application and click on the “latest option” to follow the twitter view.

How a Twitter Chat works
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T1: What are the risk factors for hepatitis C? How have the prevalence of risk factors changed over time?

A1: Hepatitis C is a bloodborne infection. Risk factors include injection drug use, contact with contaminated blood, sexual transmission, and healthcare exposure. #NAAHCAD


T1: What are the risk factors for hepatitis C? How has the prevalence of risk factors changed over time?

T2: Why do African-Americans still experience high rates of Hepatitis C?

T3: What are the newest screening recommendations for HCV?

T4: How do you anticipate these screening recommendations may change provider care?

T5: Are there still any “difficult to treat” populations? If so which ones?

T6:  What is standing in the way of our goal to eliminate HCV?

T7: What can people living with Hep C do to protect their health, their community and prevent liver cancer?

T8: How do you plan to recognize National African American Hep C Action Day this year?

T9: How do you promote Hep C education, outreach and testing especially now during COVID19?

T10: How has COVID-19 affected hepatitis C care?

T11: What are the barriers that keep people from getting screened for hepatitis C and how can they be addressed?

T12: How can we ensure that there is funding to end the hepatitis C epidemics?

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