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Affiliates & Partners

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Through a network of 13 Affiliates in cities of the southern, eastern and mid-western regions, NBLCH educates, mobilizes and lead state and national efforts of the Black community working for fair and effective public policy related to reducing health disparities and achieving health equity; and provides support to frontline agencies in their daily war on health disparities.

Black Health has affiliates in the following cities:

Map with Black Health affiliates marked

Tuskegee (Alabama), Tampa Bay (Florida), Atlanta (Georgia), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Detroit (Michigan), Albany, Buffalo, Nassau, NYC, Rochester, Suffolk, Syracuse (New York), and Washington, D.C.

To find out more about our affiliate cities please email: info@nblch.org

Policy for Partnership and Website Linking Requests

Black Health welcomes the opportunity to work with health partners that share our values and are dedicated to addressing key health issues facing Black and Brown communities across the United States today. 

For corporate and long-term sponsorships, please contact info@nblch.org for a copy of our partnership prospectus.

For individual health agencies and websites that wish to link with us, we request that you fill in this form, which asks for the following information:

  • How your website or health initiative addresses our Health Areas of Focus.
  • How your website or initiative works to specifically address the health disparities faced by Black and Brown Americans and migrants.
  • How your website or initiative tracks engagement and health impact for Black and Brown Americans and migrants.
  • How your website or initiative involves the Black community in design and delivery of health services.