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Advocacy & Policy

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African Americans/Blacks live with a greater disease burden than whites, and in many cases, than other minority groups.

Disproportionate access to quality health care leads to poorer health outcomes, including increased risk for complications and prevalence of chronic conditions in our communities.

The National Black Leadership Commission on Health responds to the impact of public policies on the communities we serve, with an aim to reduce health disparities and promote equity, and we serve as a bridge between legislators and their constituents.

Our policy and advocacy activities include community mobilization and capacity building, public education and awareness campaigns, voter registration events, civic engagement initiatives, and developing youth as leaders in their communities.

Further, we employ the social determinants of health framework not only to intervene on behalf of individuals, but also on behalf of their communities while also addressing the impact of factors such as housing, nutrition, education, employment, the built environment, socioeconomic status, and the social conditions of the environment (e.g., racism, discrimination, bias) on population health and quality of life outcomes.

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